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When to Call for Septic Tank Plumbing in Gainesville, GA

Your septic system keeps your home running smoothly. With proper use and maintenance, issues are unlikely to rise up. However, when the unexpected happens, you might be wondering if it’s time to call for professional septic tank plumbing in Gainesville, GA. Here are a few of the signs.


Overflowing Fixtures

If your sink, toilet, or bathtub are overflowing with water or sewage, this might be a sign that your septic tank is too full. If you’ve recently had an abundance of rain, or are using more water than normal, you may experience this problem. It can also happen if the pipes get clogged. Children and pets are well known for dropping things in the toilet that don’t belong there, and not all toilet paper alternatives are flushable.


Spongy Grass

Since the septic tank is kept below ground, you might not notice any issues until they start affecting your yard. For many homes, the grass on top of a septic tank will die faster than other areas. This is because the soil is not as deep, therefore it’s easily dried out. Surprisingly, this also means that if you have a particularly lush patch of grass, it may not be such a good thing. You could have a leak of liquid wastewater that is acting as a fertilizer for your yard. Regular septic tank plumbing in Gainesville, GA, can help avoid these issues.


Trees and Shrubs

When designing a beautiful landscape for your yard, trees, shrubs, and bushes are usually part of the plan. If you want to plant new foliage, consider the height of the plant once it’s fully grown. For example, if you’re planting a tree that will one day be 20 feet tall, make sure it’s at least 20 feet away from your septic system and all pipes. This is important because as the tree grows, its roots can cause damage that lead to leaks from your septic system.


Pooling Water

Heavy rain is often a culprit for water pooling in your yard. When the septic tank gets overloaded with water, it takes extra time to filter through it all and get rid of it. If you’ve recently had a lot of rain and are now seeing puddles in your yard, wait a couple days for things to dry out and try to use your septic system less. If there are still problem areas, give a professional Gainesville, GA, plumbing service a call.


Slow Drains

Overtime, debris will accumulate in your pipes which can make draining out the bathtub or sink more difficult. If you suspect this problem, you likely think to reach for a chemical drain cleaner. However, depending on what the drain cleaner is made out of, you may be doing more harm than good. Strong chemicals can erode your pipes over time. Instead, choose a cleaner that’s made from bacteria and enzymes. They will eat the debris in your pipes and are much safer for your septic system.


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