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Should You Call a 24 Hour Plumber or Can It Wait?

Completing residential plumbing projects on your own saves you a lot of money, and potentially a lot of time, as well. Many tasks can be sufficiently handled by homeowners, even without professional plumbing expertise. However, when it’s 9 pm and you’ve just discovered a big issue, do you need to call an emergency plumber? Or can you temporarily fix it until you can schedule professional plumbing? This guide will help you make that decision.


Call a 24 Hour Plumber If …

Whether you’re working on a home improvement project late at night or on the weekend, or if a random emergency happens while you’re asleep, you may need to call a 24 hour plumber. Here are a few times you should definitely call for emergency plumbing service and not wait it out.

Flooding – If a main pipe bursts and is spewing water all over your floor or damaging your belongings, you shouldn’t wait to call for help. The cost of hiring a 24 hour plumber will be less than the cost of replacing your flooring and damaged items.

The Only Fixture – When the only toilet in your home is overflowing or clogged, it can cause a major issue for you and your family members. Calling for emergency plumbing service is important.

Appliances – If the item that needs repair is essential to your home or lifestyle, then it might be worth calling a 24 hour plumber. For example, if the hot water heater isn’t working, you won’t be able to comfortably take a bath or shower, wash dishes, or do laundry.


Schedule Residential Plumbing Service If …

Emergency plumbing service will often cost much more than a scheduled service because the plumber will have to visit your home outside of their regular business hours. Most homeowners want to avoid this additional cost. If the plumbing problem is minor, you can probably wait a little bit to save some cash. Here are a few examples of minor residential plumbing problems.

Small Leaks – For small drips or leaks, often putting a rag or bucket to catch the water is all you need to do to prevent damage until you can hire a residential plumbing service to come and inspect the problem.

Another Fixture – If a sink is clogged but you have another one in the home that you can use, then then issue can wait.

Water Valve Access – If you have access to and are able to turn off the water, you can likely wait until a more convenient time to call for help. Turning off the water, whether to the whole house or just the problem area, can often eliminate any water flow issues.


Need a 24 Hour Plumber?

Hulsey Environmental provides emergency plumbing service to North Georgia homeowners. If you have an emergency need, please call us at 770-599-5732. If you’ve discovered a problem but believe you can manage it until we can come take a look, please contact us online.

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