Hulsey Environmental Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Don’t Let Your Restaurant Slide into Shutdown, Invest in Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Having a healthy and functioning grease trap is probably something most restaurant owners take for granted – until something happens to disrupt business flow. An interruption in business operations can cause a massive loss in revenue if not properly and promptly resolved. Better yet, investing in specialized grease trap cleaning services as a preventative measure is a necessary step toward maintaining a healthy grease trap and can help you avoid bigger problems – and costs – later on.

Not only is a properly maintained grease trap a sanitation concern, but it’s also a legal obligation under local and state government authorities. Investing in regular grease trap cleaning services helps you avoid both business interruption and a hefty fine for non-compliance with regulations.

A Sub-Par Grease Trap is a Slippery Slope to a Slew of Problems

A good rule of thumb for determining how much time you have in between grease trap cleaning services is to aim for a monthly visit. Fats, oils, grease and other debris should not exceed 25% of the capacity of the grease trap, or the share specified by your local municipality.

If left to sit for too long, the fat, oil and grease (FOG) materials release harmful fumes to both the kitchen staff and customers. Additionally, a grease trap that is not regularly cleaned and maintained can fail to prevent FOG materials and debris from entering the drain line of your restaurant.

Even with the variety of grease traps out there, the mechanics remain the same and an overflowing or blocked up grease trap running into the drain line could lead to blocked pipes, leaks, floods and devastating backups.

What Causes a Grease Trap Disaster?

Picture this: Grease is backing up through your restaurant’s pipes – bathroom spewing out yellow grease, parking lot transformed into a swamp of hazardous waste. When a grease trap is not properly maintained and spills over due to drainage blockages, it creates an incredibly difficult to clean mess – leading first with the used cooking oil and debris from the top of the water, followed by the wastewater.

A grease trap disaster is very different from other plumbing problems, but also alike in three ways: it’s messy, it poses a health hazard, and there are steps you can take to mitigate risk.

Regular cleaning services are the best way to prevent any need for an emergency plumbing service. Keeping a log of your grease trap cleanings is a great way to continually ensure service, while maintaining documentation for any city or county inspections.

Our Expert Technicians Are Here to Help!

Proper grease trap cleaning services should involve all chamber being pumped and walls scraped, followed by an inspection of the parts to ensure proper functioning. Find a partner who can do it all – and then some! Protect your restaurant with Hulsey Environmental’s grease trap cleaning services.

Our expert technicians are trained in all of the best techniques and can be trusted to deliver prompt results. Call us today at (770) 536-1161 or go online to learn more about our grease trap cleaning services, and get better protection the health, safety and longevity of your customers and restaurant.

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