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Caution to Commercial Kitchens Searching: “Cooking Oil Disposal Near Me”

Just like restaurants, commercial kitchens use an incredible amount of cooking oil from day to day. But where does all of the cooking oil waste go? Obviously, pouring used cooking oil down the drain is a quick route towards a plumbing disaster and major fees. Before searching, “cooking oil disposal near me,” commercial kitchens, industrial food plants and restaurants alike should know what to look for in a cooking oil collection partner.

A Partnership for the Environment

The importance of discernment when finding a new vendor to come collect and dispose of your facility’s used cooking oil lies in the potential environmental impact improper cooking oil disposal can produce. A proper cooking oil collection and disposal partner will not only follow best practices to dispose of the cooking oil, but it could also repurpose the used cooking oil in a way that positively impacts the surrounding environment.

Do not just pick the first name you see after searching “cooking oil disposal near me.” Instead, take the time to research the company’s practices and how they use the resources to give back to its community. At Hulsey Environmental, we are committed to creating a better environment for generations to come. This mission is made possible by restaurants, commercial / industrial kitchens and food processing plants opting for an eco-friendly cooking oil collection and disposal company.

Avoid Fees and Penalties with the Right Partner

Not only is this partnership important for the environment, but determining the right company to partner with for used cooking oil disposal and collections can help save you from fines and penalties if not done properly.

When used oil makes its way into the ecosystem (which it will unless the collection and disposal are done properly), it can wreak havoc on the state waters and aquatic life with sludge and emulsion. Oil sits on top of the water and creates a film, blocking out sunlight, oxygen and food particles animals need to survive. Improper storage and disposal of used cooking oil could land you a major fine and other penalties from your local and state regulatory agencies, so it’s best to be sure it gets done right the first time.

Protect the Environment, and Your Facility Too

Skimping on the research and going with the most affordable option might not always pay off in the long run. When searching “cooking oil disposal near me,” be sure to consider the reviews and proven success of the companies you are considering. One minor mistake by someone inexperienced or working quickly to get the job done cheaply can lead to a major disaster.

When a grease trap is not properly maintained, whether due to insufficient cleaning, or lack of pumping altogether, your restaurant, commercial kitchen or industrial food plant could face serious trouble. Overflows can shut down an entire facility for at least a day or more until it can be resolved and properly cleaned.

Choose the Right Partner in Your Search for “Cooking Oil Disposal Near Me”

Like hiring any vendor or service needed for your facility, doing the research and fully vetting a potential cooking oil collection partnership before committing will be worth the time spent. Hulsey Environmental Services has been in the business for nearly a century, so our technicians can be trusted to get the job done right the first time.

Give us a call at (770) 536-1161 or fill out our contact form here, and arm your facility with the best partner in cooking oil disposal, collection and grease trap cleaning services.

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