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Cooking Oil Recycling: How to Dispose of Oil in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Cooking oil is vital to running a restaurant. It’s important that you store, use, and dispose of it properly. If not, you run the risk of oil spills, damaging the sewer system, and harming the natural environment. Most cities have codes to follow for cooking oil recycling. Failure to follow these codes could result in fines or even closing your restaurant. Here’s how to make sure you’re disposing of cooking oil properly.


Professional Cooking Oil Recycling

The best way to ensure your cooking oil is recycled in an environmentally friendly way is to use a professional service like Hulsey Environmental. We will take the used cooking oil and transport it to a local facility where it will be broken down through anaerobic digestion and converted into biogas. It can then be used to power cars, heat water, and generate electricity. It can also be turned into biodiesel fuel, which burns cleaner than regular diesel, or be used in animal feed.


Cooking Oil Recycling Process

When you work with Hulsey Environmental for cooking oil recycling, we will place a storage bin at your restaurant for the disposal of used cooking oil. We will arrive on a schedule to pump the container and transport the used grease to a nearby facility for recycling. If you run a very large facility such as a food or poultry processing plant or a supermarket, we may pay you a rebate for the large volume of used cooking oil you provide us.


Why Is Cooking Oil Recycling Better?

When you work with a professional cooking oil recycling service, you are ensuring that your restaurant is operating in an environmentally friendly way. By dumping used oil down the drain, it will solidify with the water causing clogged pipes. If it reaches the sewer, it can clog the municipal sewer lines which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Dumping cooking oil outside or in the grass can also find its way to the sewer system and clog pipes. It’s also unsafe for wildlife as it gets into the roots of trees or is eaten by animals.

You can throw away small amounts of use cooking oil in the trash as long as it is in a sealable and non-breakable container. If not, it will likely leak out and become harmful to the environment.

This also applies to cooking oil that has expired before you’ve had a chance to use it up. You may be able to return it to the supplier for recycling. If not, call Hulsey Environmental for expired cooking oil recycling.


Do Your Part to Save the World

To set up your restaurant’s cooking oil recycling service, please contact Hulsey Environmental today. We will provide you with a storage bin for your used oil and schedule a routine pick-up to have it recycled. This is the best way to ensure your used oil is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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