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Why Restaurant Oil Recycling is Critical for Environmental Sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint is important for all of us as we try to combat the effects of climate change on our planet. This is especially true for large producers such as restaurants and processing plants. Making a small change to your operations can have a huge impact on your environmental sustainability. Green practices can even make you eligible for rebates and tax credits. Restaurant oil recycling is one simple way to go green. You set it up once and we take care of the rest. Here’s more about how this works and why it’s important.


The Responsibility of Restaurants

Restaurants are a large contributor to environmental health because of their large amounts of water usage, paper products, and trash. Cooking oil is a large expenditure for restaurants because it is used in nearly every food preparation. This high volume of use means that plenty of oil is coming in to the restaurant, as well as being used. Restaurants have a larger impact on the environment than the average household because of this high volume, so it’s important for them to properly recycle this used oil.


What Not To Do

The biggest mistake you can make as a restaurant owner is to dump your used cooking oil down the drain. As it hits water, it will solidify, causing clogs in your drains. If the oil makes it to the sewer, it can clog the municipal sewer lines, leading to costly fixes and likely fines from the city.

You also don’t want to dump it in the trash or outside in the grass. There is a good chance that it will leak out of the trash and make its way into the ground, tree roots, and be eaten by animals. This would cause great harm to the wildlife in your area.


How to Protect the Environment

To help do your part to protect the environment, the best thing you can do is recycle your restaurant oil. This oil can be used to make biofuels and animal feed. For every eight pounds of restaurant oil recycling, we can create one gallon of biodiesel fuel. Biofuels are better than petroleum fuels produced from crude oil because they emit much lower levels of air pollutants. Restaurant oil recycling also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. One metric ton of carbon dioxide from restaurant oil recycling removes over seven metric tons of carbon dioxide from the environment.


Why Work with Hulsey Environmental

When it comes to restaurant oil recycling, you can’t do better than Hulsey Environmental. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly restaurant oil recycling throughout North Georgia. We provide you with a secure storage bin for the used oil and schedule pick up and removal as often as you need it. It’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it way to increase your environmental sustainability. We also offer 24/7/365 services in case of emergency. To learn more about our restaurant oil recycling program, please contact us today.

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