when to add restaurant plumbing

When to Add New Restaurant Plumbing

Owning a restaurant is more than just cooking great food and offering amazing customer service. There’s also marketing, payroll, hiring, training, and property management. Part of maintaining that property is going to involve the plumbing. Throughout your time as a restaurant owner, you’ll likely find yourself in need of new pipes at some point. Here are four of the most common cases for new restaurant plumbing.


Building a New Restaurant

Obviously, when you’re building a new concept from the ground up, you’re going to have to install all the underground utilities. From electricity and gas, to water and sewer pipes, your contractor will help you handle it all. If the need arises for a professional restaurant plumber, don’t be surprised. Restaurant plumbing can be complicated. Not only do you have restrooms with toilets and sinks, you also have an entire kitchen. With sinks for dishes and meal prep, plus a dishwasher (or two) and mop station, there are plenty of reasons to need extensive plumbing in your restaurants.


Expanding an Existing Restaurant

When you start doing so well that you struggle to keep up with the number of customers flowing through your doors, that’s a good problem to have. If you’re planning an expansion to your restaurant, you’ll be needing to add new plumbing for the expanded area.

If you’re simply adding more dining space, you’ll likely need to add another restroom so the first one doesn’t suffer from long lines.

If you’re planning to expand or add a second kitchen, you’ll need to plan for new plumbing to sinks, dishwashers, mop stations, wash stations, food prep areas, and maybe even bathrooms.


Renovating a Restaurant

When buying an existing space for your restaurant, it may not be set up for your concept’s flow, or have the esthetic you’re looking to provide guests. That’s where renovations come in. You can tear down walls, build new ones elsewhere, section off certain areas, and relocate some of them. You may even need to be adding new plumbing if you are renovating or relocating the bathroom or kitchen areas. It’s always best to let a professional plumber handle these jobs so you make sure they get done right.


Replacing Old Pipes

Whether you’ve inherited an older building or have been such a strong part of the community that you’re still in your original location, there will come a time when your restaurant outlives its pipes. The right time might not always be apparent, but if you’ve been experiencing an increase in restaurant plumbing issues, call a plumber to come visit and assess the situation. They’ll be able to let you know if your problems can be fixed, how long your pipes have left, or if it’s time to replace them now.


Work with the Best. Work with Hulsey.

For all your restaurant plumbing needs, contact Hulsey Environmental Services (a Blue Flow Company). We can clean your drains and grease traps, as well as handle restaurant plumbing repairs and replacements. Give us a call or reach out online to learn more about what we offer.

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