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Top 5 Surprising Facts About Used Cooking Oil Disposal

Commercial properties recycle approximately 4.4 billion pounds of cooking oil each year. This doesn’t include the amount of oil that is simply disposed of, either down the drain or in the trash! This large volume can have many advantages for our earth and our economy. Here are five facts about the benefits of proper used cooking oil disposal.


It Can Power Vehicles and Heaters

Probably the most well-known benefit of used cooking oil disposal is the ability to turn it into biodiesel fuel. Although a majority of vehicles still run on petroleum fuel, renewable alternatives are available. Used cooking oil can be dewatered and cleaned at a processing facility and turned into biodiesel fuel or renewable diesel which can then be used to power vehicle engines, building heaters, and generators.


It’s Recyclable

When used cooking oil is collected and recycled, it can be turned into a plethora of other items. After turning the oil into biodiesel, we are left with glycerin. This is a vital ingredient to hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, and more. When we create renewable diesel, we can also create renewable propane and butane as well as naphtha which is used to create paint thinners, varnishes, plastics, and more.


It Boosts the Economy

In 2017 alone, restaurant oil recycling companies generated $4.4 billion in revenue. This number has only risen as more people participate in proper used cooking oil disposal and recycling. Since these companies must operate close to their community for oil pickup, this revenue can be put back into the local economy. For every $100 spent locally, $68 stayed in the community. This revenue helps to create jobs, lower costs, and provide economic stimulus to improve our communities and encourage new business.


It Protects the Environment

Our modern transportation systems produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions including methane and carbon dioxide which compromise the integrity of Earth’s ozone layer. This layer serves as our protective shield against the sun’s UV rays. Without this protection, temperatures rise across the planet, killing plants and animals and changing the landscape of our home. With proper used cooking oil disposal, we can create biodiesel which is a clean fuel that’s less harmful to our ozone layer and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% or more.


It Can Save (or Even Earn) You Money

With used cooking oil disposal down your kitchen drain or in the trash can, you run the risk of clogging your pipes. This can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. You may also harm the municipal sewer system, which can result in large fines. Using restaurant oil recycling near me helps eliminate these costs.

Used cooking oil recycling can even help you earn money. The average cost of oil collection is $35. However, due to the recyclable nature of used cooking oil, it can have a great value to companies that collect and recycle it. Because of this, you may be eligible to receive a refund for your used cooking oil disposal.


Looking for Restaurant Oil Recycling Near Me?

Do your part to save the environment and support your local community. Contact us at Hulsey Environmental to learn more about our used cooking oil disposal services.

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