Most Common Residential Plumbing Problems and How to Solve Them

Owning a home can be great. Dealing with the inevitable residential plumbing issues that come with owning a home? Not so great.

Some of the most common residential plumbing problems are often dealing with the standard wear and tear that occurs over the years to your plumbing equipment, while other problems and issues might be caused by a lack of maintenance or even a dysfunctional system. When these residential plumbing problems hit their breaking point, you could suddenly have quite the mess and bill on your hands.

To help prevent these unwanted plumbing problems from consuming your life we put together a list of the most common residential plumbing issues and how to best solve them. Hopefully, this helps to keep you prepared and avoid flushing away any more money.

Residential Plumbing Problems

Faucet Failure

Leaky faucets have become such a common issue that it’s almost unheard of to find someone who hasn’t dealt with this problem. On the surface it might seem like a minor issue, but a single leaky faucet can drip hundreds of gallons of water away over the course of a year, while skyrocketing your water bill.

In most cases the cause of a leaky faucet is that an internal washer has been worn down or dislodged. Fixing the issue shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but make sure you have the right tools and consult with a professional if you feel overwhelmed.

Clogged Sinks and Drains

Clogged pipes are another nuisance homeowners hate to deal with. We often think of our toilets as the ones to be clogged, but a clogged toilet can be fixed with a simple plunge or worst-case scenario a pipe snake or professional services.

However, a clogged sink or drain can be a different case. Oftentimes our first instinct is to reach for drain cleaners, but pouring toxic bottles of waste down your sinks and drains is actually quite harmful.

Drain cleaners might manage to work for minor troubles like clearing out hair, toothpaste or soap, but it can’t deal with bigger items such as the bristle from a hairbrush or cap from your toothpaste. Luckily, most sinks have a drain catch that should allow for easy access. If an item such as a toothpaste cap falls down your sink, you should be able to pull it out yourself. Keep in mind that if you can’t access this drain catch or the problem is beyond your control it’s likely time to call in a professional.

No Water Pressure

A lack of water pressure is more often than not a problem in older houses. If the water from your tap is trickling more so than normal flowing, it’s likely a sign of low water pressure.

The main culprit behind a lack of water pressure typically stems from old leaky pipes that have become worn down and broken over time. In most cases sediment build up and mineral deposits on aerators are responsible. Soaking the aerator in vinegar is an old trick that helps to clean it. If your shower is lacking pressure you can also try soaking the showerhead in vinegar or even replace it at your convenience.

Toilet Troubles

A leak from your toilet isn’t likely to make a mess, but if gone unnoticed this minor inconvenience can turn into a major headache. Since the leak is internal, every second this issue goes unattended is essentially more money going down the drain.

Oftentimes the culprit is the rubber flapper. If it gets damaged or simply loses its shape over the years, it’ll fail to adequately seal the tank. The chain attached to the flapper might get twisted up as well, which can also prevent the flapper from working properly.

Replacing your flapper is a simple fix. A new flapper is relatively cheap (under $20) and is worth the price considering how much you’ll save in the long run.

Stop Flushing Away Your Money Over Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing problems are a way of life these days. Even a minor leak or clog can quickly turn into a major expense and an unforgiving headache. Stay alert and watch out for those tell-tale signs.

Plumbing problems arise out of the blue when you least expect it. Some challenges you handle yourself, while others are going to need the assistance of a professional. If you ever find yourself in a plumbing predicament, you can always trust and depend on the expert team at Hulsey to help stabilize the issue at hand.

Curious as to what other residential plumbing problems might be lurking? The team at Hulsey has got you covered. If you have a residential plumbing problem you can’t seem to fix—or don’t know how to start—don’t waste your precious dollars. Contact the team at Hulsey today so we can diagnose and fix your plumbing problem and have your house back to running smoothly in no time.

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