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5 Restaurant Plumbing Services You Need to Have

Proper plumbing is a vital part of running a restaurant. It affects how quickly food can be prepped, dishes can be washed, and how long your bathroom lines get. When one of these areas isn’t performing at full capacity, you can end up with a major inconvenience on your hands. Here are the top five areas in your restaurant that will need plumbing services.


New Installations

Whether you’re building a new restaurant or expanding an existing one, you’ll have the need for new plumbing and for it to be hooked up to the appropriate appliances. There are also the strict legal requirements you need to follow for installing new equipment. When it comes to water supply, water heaters, and other plumbing elements count on restaurant plumbing professionals to ensure the job gets done right.


Plumbing Repairs

No matter what, you’re going to need to have your plumbing repaired at some point. Whether it’s a slow moving drain in the kitchen, or a clogged toilet in the bathroom, plumbing issues are highly common in restaurants. This is why it’s best to have a go-to plumber to call. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen. Find a local plumber with great reviews and get them on your speed dial.


Sewers & Drains

Between food prep, cooking, dishes, and toilets, there’s a lot of water flowing in and out of a restaurant.  Maintaining proper flow helps everyone stay on track with their duties. The drainage system has a lot to do with the flow of wastewater. Well-planned drains will be able to manage the flow of water in and out without changing the water pressure, ventilate gases out of the building to avoid bad odors and backups, and have large enough pipes to handle the volume of water and debris that flows through them.


Grease Traps

Used cooking oil and food particles are contained in a grease trap that prevents them from entering the municipal water supply. It’s best to schedule a routine visit from your local restaurant plumbing expert to dispose of the used grease in an environmentally safe way. How often you request this service will depend on the output of your restaurant.


Gas Lines

Some people don’t know that you can also call a plumber for help with your gas lines. This is because the gas lines and water lines run the same route and use similar valves. Of course, no commercial kitchen can run without gas to the grill or cooktop so keeping these well-maintained is vital to production.


Your Restaurant Plumbing Experts

Here at Hulsey Environmental Services (a Blue Flow Company), we can help with a wide range of restaurant plumbing services. From installing new pipes, to repairing existing ones, and cleaning out your grease trap, we can handle it all. Please give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our commercial plumbing services and schedule an appointment for us to visit your restaurant.

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