Hulsey Environmental Services Used Cooking Oil Disposal

You’ve Heard of Used Cooking Oil Disposal, but What Exactly Is It?


Used cooking oil, often called “yellow grease” is a byproduct of restaurants and industrial food processing plants. Just like the used cooking oil that comes after you cook up some juicy bacon at home, restaurants and food processing plants must follow a strict practice of proper cooking oil disposal.

The proper disposal of used cooking oil is not only hygienically responsible, but it’s regulated by the government in order to reduce waste and protect the environment from unsafe disposal practices and. Though, there’s much more to disposing of used cooking oil than simply throwing it out.

How to Properly Dispose of Cooking Oil

Restaurants and food processing plants can produce gallons of used cooking oil per day. With the amass of yellow grease being produced, restaurants and food processors can make good use of the used cooking oil by working with companies to properly dispose of and then recycle the materials.

Used cooking oil or yellow grease should never ever be poured down the drain – that goes for restaurants and plants, as well as your own home. Used cooking oil should be cooled and disposed of in the trash via disposable container. Companies like Hulsey Environmental Services will often provide facilities with a container to store the yellow grease until they are able to come collect it.

Partnering with another service to properly dispose of your facilities’ used cooking oil will not only save you time and resources, but it will also ensure that you are in compliance with state and local regulations on proper cooking oil disposal.

Go Green! Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Yellow grease collection is simply one aspect of used cooking oil disposal. Once the grease is collected, however, the truly impressive work begins to recycle and repurpose the byproduct waste. While you have the option to simply dispose of your used cooking oil according to EPA standards, opting to have your yellow grease taken to a processing plant presents an opportunity for return on investment.

Because used cooking oil has many uses, companies will jump on the opportunity to fuel the country’s alternative energy demands through recycling – and they’ll pay you for it! Used cooking oil can be repurposed into feed for livestock, crop fertilizer and even biodiesel fuel through a delicate refinement process wherein the excess food waste, particles and debris are extracted from the yellow grease, which is then transformed into an environmentally sustainable product.

Building a Better, Cleaner Environment for Future Generations

Recycled cooking oil burns around 80% cleaner than traditional fossil fuels and eliminates the carbon footprint left behind by corn ethanol. Putting intentional efforts behind proper cooking oil disposal and trusting companies like Hulsey Environmental is one of the best steps you can take to reducing your business’ environmental footprint.

We’ve been in the business of used cooking oil disposal and recycling for nearly a century, and we are fully committed to our mission of building a healthier environment for our children and future generations. We’ll provide you with a yellow grease storage bin at no cost, and we offer competitive compensation for collection.

If you have questions about our cooking oil disposal process and how to get set up with your own disposal bin, give us a call at (770) 285-0872 or go online to fill out our service request form and get on track towards a more sustainable future!

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