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Set Up Your Home for Success with Regular Septic Tank Services


There are many features of a home that elicit an “ooh” or “ahh,” due to the supreme design and / or functionality. However, more often than not, the less-glamourous home systems are the most crucial. Maintaining regular septic tank services will not only improve the overall health and longevity of your family and home, but it will also help you avoid a costly septic nightmare down the road.

Typically, a household septic system should be pumped and cleaned at least every three to five years – some even require annual pumping, depending on use. However, there are other great reasons to schedule regular septic services to maintain a healthy system.

Avoid a Major, Expensive Project

The worst-case scenario for any homeowner is to have their septic tank break down and leak sewage into the yard or even back up into the home. When you schedule regular septic tank services, any cracks in the tank, potential blockages are caught early on – far before they have the opportunity to turn catastrophic. Regular check-ups prevent these minor issues into major disasters that cost thousands of dollars to repair. It’s always best to catch them as early as possible.

Regular Septic Services Protect Against Backups

Hiring a professional plumbing service to come and inspect your septic tank for damages also provides an opportunity to spot trouble spots that may cause buildup. Septic tank services identify these blockages before they cause a backup of sewage into your home or yard.

Having sewage backup into your yard – apart from being a smelly headache – also poses serious health risks to anyone living in the home, especially if you have kids or pets who play in the yard and would be exposed to the overflowing sewage. Raw sewage is brimming with harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause illnesses like Hepatitis A.

Learn Better Habits

A septic system is a delicately balanced ecosystem, wherein the system is designed to handle waste and only waste. So many people still don’t understand how detrimental something as simple as feminine products can be to a septic system. Scheduling regular septic tank services helps give you an inside look into your septic ecosystem and the habits that are threatening its functionality.

A professional plumber will be able to identify these damaging habits and help you correct them well before a disaster strikes and you have to fork up thousands of dollars to get your septic tank system back on track.

Keep Your Costs Down with Regular Septic Tank Services

The largest incentive to scheduling regular septic tank services is the possibility of avoiding a huge – and costly – problem down the road. If you continue to practice harmful habits, like flushing paper towels or feminine products, your septic system will begin to seriously deteriorate. If you don’t have a professional come out and perform regular septic tank services to catch that deterioration, you could end up facing thousands of dollars in emergency septic services.

At Hulsey Environmental Services, we’re expertly trained to offer top-of-the-line septic tank services and cleanings, to ensure your septic system is performing to the best of its abilities. We’ll identify problem-causing habits and any cracks or blockages in your septic system, so you can have a long-lasting, healthy septic system. Give us a call at (770) 536-1161 or visit us online to schedule a consultation for you septic tank services.

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