Yellow Grease Recycling:

Yellow Grease Disposal

Hulsey Environmental Services provides yellow grease recycling & used cooking oil disposal services for restaurants in North Georgia. Hulsey Environmental is a reliable restaurant grease recovery & recycling service provider. Our company services chain restaurants as well as independent restaurants in the region. We also serve food processing plants, poultry processing plants, supermarkets – almost any business that produces cooking oil waste – with reliable grease removal services.

We provide free used cooking oil storage bins and provide you with regular pumping, pick up and removal of your waste vegetable oil.

Hulsey Envivonmental services restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants, poultry plants… any business that produces waste vegetable oil.

What is yellow grease?
Yellow Grease is a restaurant byproduct consisting of a mixture of plant and animal fats. Hulsey has an extensive and sophisticated yellow grease recycling program.

Hulsey Environmental Services specializes in food processing plant oil recovery systems. Call to set up an appointment to see if your food plant qualifies for a free oil recovery system. Phone: 770-536-1161
We can also provide solutions for the collection of brown grease, waste water and most septic-related issues. We look forward to helping your business run more efficiently. Contact us today to speak with a representative in your area.

Let us keep your business flowing smoothly! Safe, Reliable Removal Of Used Cooking Oil

ECO-H Provides:

  • Used Cooking Oil Collection & Grease Disposal.
  • 24⁄7⁄365, When you need it service.
  • Guaranteed pick up schedule, no excuses.
  • Grease containers that eliminate oil overflow contamination.
  • Unlimited used cooking oil processing capacity.
  • Regional Coverage for any business that requires used cooking oil pick up and grease disposal
  • When using ECO-H’s cooking oil programs your company can rest assured knowing that you have put your used vegetable oil & spent cooking grease disposal into the hands of one of the most trusted and used cooking oil & grease disposal companies nationwide.
Your restaurant or processing plant’s used vegetable oil will be safely stored, contained, removed, recycled, & disposed of with industry standard compliance in the waste oil collection business.
Using Hulsey Environmental & ECO-H for your business’ used vegetable oil removal not only improves the quality of your local environment, but also contributes to the local and national economy by helping with the production of domestic bio-fuels. This creates a more sustainable environment for the future by creating clean energy alternatives. Call us today for more information on our Used Cooking Oil Removal.

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