Hulsey Plumbing does physical treatment systems for food processing plants in Georgia, SC and NC. Augusta, Rome, Macon, Carrolton, Athens, Ashville and all areas in between

Husley is the leader in the North Georgia, Gainesville in the treatment of Wastewater. We can help you remove bulk haul it away quickly and safely. 

Physical Treatments of Wastewater

  • Clarifier (primary and secondary) – 
    Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. A clarifier is generally used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid for clarification and (or) thickening.
  • Gravity Separators –
    Gravity separation is an industrial method of separating two components, either a suspension, or dry granular mixture where separating the components with gravity is sufficiently practical: i.e. the components of the mixture have different specific weight. All of the gravitational methods are common in the sense that they all use gravity as the dominant force. The working principle is to lift the material by vacuum over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck. This results in the material being suspended in air while the heavier impurities are left behind on the screen and are discharged from the stone outlet.

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