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With over 100 years of experience providing septic services and brown grease pumping for commercial and restaurant grease traps in the North Georgia Gainesville area, Hulsey Environmental is well-respected and an industry leader in the restaurant, commercial and industrial fields.

We use Sludge Judge measuring technology so that we can ensure your bio-solids (sludge) and fats, oils and grease are completely serviced. Grease trap pumping and maintenance is crucial for restaurant grease traps to stay in compliance with regulatory authorities, which protects public health. Grease trap systems are considered a pre-treatment system which is designed to remove material that would present bio-hazards and damage public septic works.
Restaurant Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Cleaning, Pumping

When you call Hulsey Grease for grease trap services you are rewarded with the knowledge that the job will be done right.
Disposal of grease from a commercial grease trap or restaurant grease interceptor (also known as Grease Trap Cleaning) will ensure costly grease trap repair will be minimized. Cleaning grease and grease renderings that have backed up into your building is not only messy, it is also bacteria ridden. Grease waste is unhealthy, especially in a restaurant environment.

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning needs to be performed much more frequently than most people would expect. Kitchen grease removal and restaurant grease trap cleaning is needed due to the much higher throughput of a restaurant grease trap than the rates of grease that move through a residential drain system.
Restaurant Grease Trap Service:

We service above ground grease traps, underground grease traps and inside grease traps. Virtually all grease traps!

Inside Grease Traps
Outside Grease Traps
500 gallon Grease Traps
1000 gallon Grease Traps
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Commercial, Industrial or Restaurant Grease Traps
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Whether you have an immediate problem or need to discuss maintenance issues, call Hulsey Environmental today. Phone: 770-536-1161
Restaurant Grease Trap Collection & Recycling Services

Restaurant Grease Trap Service – Pumping, Cleaning
Grease Trap Installation and Grease Trap Repair Service

Grease Trap Installation, Repair Service – North Georgia Sizing Grease Interceptors: If you do not already have an interceptor installed because your business is new, be sure to contact Hulsey Environmental for consultation on the proper grease trap dimensions. After your grease trap installation, we will schedule pumping and cleaning based on the custom needs of your business’ grease trap requirements.

Grease traps interceptors are a grease separator, which is a specially engineered pre-treatment system designed to remove kitchen grease from your wastewater.

Restaurant Grease Trap Services: When you schedule grease trap service with Hulsey Environmental, we will assist you in grease waste disposal of your grease renders in a way that will reduce your carbon footprint. We will inspect your restaurant grease trap and then service your grease trap by cleaning and pumping. You will then be an important link in the chain of brown grease biodiesel manufacturing.

There is truly a great future for biodiesel in the United States it is estimated that over 1 billion gallons of biodiesel will be generated each year from waste vegetable oil. When you consider the impact that your business is having on the environment and the carbon cycle, we think you will agree that “we all need to be responsible stewards of the environment and the world in which we live“. Hulsey Environmental Services recycles all oil product remains, residue, and sludge in the most environmentally sustainable ways; we don’t dispose of any waste products in landfills.
Cleaning Your Grease Trap: The Hulsey Difference

Hulsey Environmental is set apart from competition in the southeast by offering complete service of your grease trap. There are unscrupulous companies in the industry that will only siphon off a portion of the accumulated material in your system in hopes that it will cause you to call them again soon for an additional, unwarranted service call.

Not only do we completely remove accumulation and FOG, we also jet your lines leading into the system to break up accumulation and keep you running smoothly.

We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our customers and the fact that our integrity can be trusted, and depended upon, by our clients. Let us take care of the dirty work, so you can take care of running your business.

Grease Trap Service: Middle and North Georgia

Used restaurant grease can contaminate local water supplies, and hurt the environment. Hulsey Environmental’s Restaurant Grease Service makes sure that cooking oil waste does not pollute the environment. We will manage your restaurant grease from grease trap cleaning & pumping to used cooking oil removal. We pick up and dispose of used cooking oil and transport the used cooking grease to one of our processing facilities where the used restaurant grease is broken down and purified into a renewable resource.

Hulsey Environmental Services turns waste into renewable energy.

Hulsey Restaurant Grease Services includes collection of your brown grease (FOG) from your business’s grease trap, grease trap cleaning & grease trap pumping of your used cooking oil container with timely scheduled maintenance. Hulsey will also provide environmentally sound solutions for the storage, removal, recycling and/or disposal of your yellow grease, or waste vegetable oil (WVO). All of our used restaurant grease services are built solidly on the timely-scheduled maintenance of your grease traps, and yellow grease containers.

Hulsey Environmental Services offers Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping in North Georgia. Our service area includes Gainesville, metro Atlanta, south to Macon, and North to the Georgia state line. Need service? Call to see if we are currently servicing grease traps in your area, or for more information on our grease trap services.
Hulsey Environmental Services takes pride in turning waste into renewable energy

Our customers appreciate knowing Hulsey complies with the GA EPD laws of properly disposing of all waste at a GA Certified waste disposal Facility that is owned and operated by the Hulsey family of companies.

Let us keep your business flowing smoothly.

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