Tank & Drain Field Repairs

At Hulsey we have been doing Drain Field repairs for a long time. We have helped numerous North Georgia, Gainesville customers get the repairs they need fast and effectively since drain lines started.

Do you know where the lines for septic tank’s drain field are located?

  • That knowledge will help you prevent damage to the field and, subsequently, to the groundwater.
  • Observing certain conditions occurring along the drain field will alert you to potential problems within your septic tank.

Why should you not build, pave, or landscape on or near the drain field?

  • Drain fields require plenty of oxygen, which is used by bacteria to break down and treat sewage.
  • Soil compaction further prevents oxygen from entering the soil and keeps water from flowing from the drain field.

At Hulsey Environmental Services, we encourage you to take prompt action if you notice any of the following circumstances in proximity to your drain field:

  • Standing liquid, wet spots, or swampy ground in the yard during dry weather.
  • Lush vegetation that is larger and more robust than similar plants in other areas of the yard.
  • Effluent draining back into the septic tank from the drain field after the septic tank is pumped.

If you are experiencing any problematic signs or have specific questions,
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