Hulsey Plumbing does physical treatment systems for food processing plants in Georgia, SC and NC. Augusta, Rome, Macon, Carrolton, Athens, Ashville and all areas in between

Physical Treatment of Wastewater

Physical Treatments of Wastewater

  • Clarifier (primary and secondary) – 
    Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. A clarifier is generally used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid for clarification and (or) thickening.
  • Gravity Separators –
    Gravity separation is an industrial method of separating two components, either a suspension, or dry granular mixture where separating the components with gravity is sufficiently practical: i.e. the components of the mixture have different specific weight. All of the gravitational methods are common in the sense that they all use gravity as the dominant force. The working principle is to lift the material by vacuum over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck. This results in the material being suspended in air while the heavier impurities are left behind on the screen and are discharged from the stone outlet.

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Hulsey Environmental and LHR Farms offers a full array of wastewater treatment solutions. Call today for

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Are you tired of paying surcharges for being out of compliance and failing to meet government mandated permit limits?

Do you want to reduce the charge of sludge hauling?

Are you ready to save on chemical costs?

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LHR Farms and ECO-H provide safe sustainable nontoxic wastewater disposal


Waste Water Treatment is serious business, especially for food or beverage processing plants. Many municipalities are trying desperately to plug budget deficits or deal with rising energy costs, by introducing higher fees for companies that are out of compliance in regard to wastewater treatment ordinances.

Adding additional fees is a no-brainer for politicians, it covers their spending deficits while winning big points with advocacy groups for the ‘green movement’. But even ignoring the cost associated with being out of wastewater treatment compliance, the PR nightmare of having your company leaving a negative impact on the environment can damage your market irrevocably. The Sierra Club for example is 1.4 million people strong.  These activist influence policy but are also consumers and influential business leaders and even celebrities.  Beyond the weight of government mandates and fees, there is a consumer which will decide to buy or not buy your products based largely on the perception of your company’s public image; including your wastewater treatment policy and environmental footprint.

ECO-H Waste Water Treatment Facility

ECO-H and LHR Farms Wastewater Processing provides sustainable solutions for nonhazzardous wastewater from food processing plants

That’s where Hulsey Environmental and ECO-H processing comes in.  We offer an array of capabilities that can bring you into compliance with Federal, State and Municipal Ordinances. Our professional and certified Environmental Technicians can reduce your Biological Oxygen Demand problems and bring you into compliance, saving you money, and protecting the environment and your company’s public image as a sustainable entity. Call today for a free consultation to find out exactly what Hulsey Environmental can do for you.

Hulsey Environmental offers a full array of Waste Water Services

Regardless of what your wastewater treatment needs happen to be, the goal is always the same: removing solids from your wastewater and producing a clean and nontoxic effluent. Wastewater is unavoidable wherever humans choose to settle, but with our array of  treatment systems we can minimize the environmental impact of your company, bringing you into full compliance with government mandates while saving you time and money.

Waste Water Treatment Including:

Biological Systems

We Offer Biological Wastewater treatment methods

Physical Treatment

Physical treatment of wastewater

Chemical Treatment

We Offer Chemical Wastewater treatment methods

Polymer Systems

We Use Polymer Based Wastewater Treatment

Sludge Dewatering and Solids Handling

We offer Sludge dewatering and solids handling trreatment

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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning & Pumping

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services

You can reduce your carbon footprint when you Recycle Restaurant Grease

Used restaurant grease can contaminate local water supplies and hurt the environment. Hulsey Grease and Restaurant Services will make sure that cooking oil waste do not pollute the environment. We will manage your restaurant grease from onsite used cooking oil removal, grease trap pumping and cleaning. We specialize restaurant grease services – used grease disposal, used cooking oil recycling. We will even transport your used cooking grease to one of our processing facilities where the restaurant grease is broken down and purified into a renewable resource. We have been taken care of Northeast Georgia for a long time.

A hole of grease trap with the drain system

Hulsey Environmental Services Converts Grease Waste Into Renewable Energy

Hulsey Restaurant and Grease Services offers a full range of services for your restaurant brown grease (FOG – Fats, Oils & Grease) from grease trap installation to grease trap cleaning & grease trap pumping with timely scheduled routing.

Hulsey also provides environmentally sound solutions for the storage, removal and recycling and/or disposal of your yellow grease (used cooking oil), or waste vegetable oil (WVO). All of our used restaurant grease services are built solidly on top of our timely scheduled maintenance of your grease traps, and grease pick up from our yellow grease containers.

Restaurant Grease Trap CleaningGrease Trap Service Area in North GA

North Georgia from Atlanta to the Georgia state line. Middle Georgia from Macon north to Atlanta. Northeast Georgia south to Interstate 20. Contact us to see if your restaurant location is covered by our grease trap service area. We have the experience you need and will do the job right and in a timely manner.

Grease Trap Service for: Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Auburn, Berkeley Lake, Blairsville, Braselton, Buford, Clarkesville, Clayton,  Clermont, Cleveland, Commerce, Cornelia, Covington, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Demorest, Duluth, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Greensboro, Hoschton, Jasper, Jefferson, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Macon, Marietta, Monroe, Norcross, Oakwood, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, Sugar Hill, Social Circle, Statham, Suwanee, Toccoa, Watkinsville, Winder and Winterville, GA.

Our customers appreciate knowing Hulsey complies with the state of Georgia EPD laws of properly disposing of all waste at a Georgia Certified waste disposal facility which is owned and operated by the Hulsey family of companies. Contact us today -or more information – Phone: 770-536-1161 Call and we’ll be there.

Used Cooking Oil, WVO, Fryer Oil, from the vats of restaurant fryers to biodiesel

Used Cooking Oil Removal

Used Vegetable Oil Removal and Recycling Service

Yellow Grease, also called WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) or sometimes called simply fryer oil, is a restaurant by-product consisting of a mixture of plant and animal fats. Hulsey has an extensive and sophisticated restaurant used grease recycling program that reclaims FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) to be recycled into feed stock and bio-diesel fuel. Used restaurant grease is stored at your facility in a cooking grease bin provided by us at no charge.  We pump your used cooking oil container as scheduled (always on time, always dependable). We then transport the used restaurant grease to one of our nearby facilities, where the used cooking oil is then recycled.

  • We deliver your used cooking oil container for FREE
  • We pickup and dispose of your Used Cooking Oil for FREE
  • We may even pay you a rebate for the grease we collect!
  • Call Hulsey Environmental Services today! Phone: 770-536-1161

Used Cooking Oil Pickup, Removal & Recycling Service

We specialize (but are not limited to) restaurant grease services. Hulsey Environmental Services provides used cooking oil pickup and we sometimes pay for large volumes of used vegetable oil used in food processing plants, poultry processing plants and supermarkets – almost any business that produces cooking oil waste or used fryer oil.

Hulsey Environmental offers restaurant grease pickup, storage, removal, recycling & disposal and will pay competitive vegetable oil rebates for practically any grease rendering from any source.

Hulsey is more that just a waste vegetable oil company. When we collect and recycle restaurant cooking oil we ensure the used fryer grease is always processed in an environmentally sustainable way.  Your grease never goes into the ground or into municipal waste sites, as it may with other waste vegetable oil pick up services. The yellow grease we remove is used in processes that make the air cleaner for you and your children — and keeps the food chain in balance.

  • Signing up with Hulsey for grease pickup and processing of your recycled vegetable oil will be good news for your business and your community.
  • Hulsey’s proprietary antitheft technology keeps our sealed containers and your waste vegetable oil safe.
  • We offer monitored scheduling to avoid oil bin overflow and messy conditions at your establishment.
  • Should you have an emergency with your current provider, Hulsey Environmental offers Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – We’re always available to serve you!

We also pay for referrals resulting in business contract for vegetable oil bulk supply from sources we do not already do business with. Contact a sales rep for details.

Hulsey Environmental specializes in food processing plant/oil recovery systems.

Call to set up an appointment to see if your food plant qualifies for a free oil recovery system. Phone: 770-536-1161

ECO-H is lhr farms and Hulsey Environmental's brand for environmentally safe processes that are 100 percent green

Safe, Reliable Removal Of Used Cooking Oil 

Hulsey Environmental’s ECO-H Program Provides:

  • Used Cooking Oil Removal & Grease Recycling and Disposal.
  • 24 ⁄ 7 ⁄ 365 Emergency Service – Cooking oil pick up when you need service.
  • Guaranteed pick up schedule, on a timely basis.
  • Secure-able grease container that eliminates grease theft & oil overflow contamination.
  • Unlimited used cooking oil processing capacity.
  • When using our ECO-H cooking oil program, your company can rest assured knowing that you have put your used vegetable oil & grease disposal into the hands of one of the most trusted disposal companies nationwide. Call Hulsey Environmental Today: 770-536-1161

Your restaurant or processing plants’ used vegetable oils will be safely stored, contained, removed, recycled, & disposed of with above industry standard compliance’s in the waste oil collection business. Click here for Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning >

Using Hulsey Environmental & ECO-H for your business’ used cooking oil removal not only improves the quality of your local environment, but also contributes to the local economy & nationally helps with the production of domestic bio-fuels, creating a more sustainable environment for the future by creating clean energy alternatives.

Chemical solutions for wastewater problems, LHR Farms and Hulsey Environmental.

Chemical Wastewater Treatment Systems

Chemical Wastewater Treatment

Here at Hulsey Environmental we offer many services that can get your wastewater treatment system into government mandated compliance, helping you to avoid surcharges. These services include chemical wastewater treatment systems for environmentally sustainable  disposal of your wastewater.

Chemical treatment

What is a chemical treatment of wastewater? It is a process through which non toxic chemicals are used to remove
harmful bacteria and unsafe materials from wastewater such as that produced by food processing plants. Wastewater
often ends up in public streams and reservoirs so complete filtration and purification to eliminate any material or
organic threats is crucial.

Chemical wastewater treatment






Disolved air pumps

Hulsey Environmental and LHR Farms offers expert biological wastewater treatment solutions.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Biological Systems include

  • Sequence Batch Reactors
  • CMAS (Continous Mixed Activated Sludge)


A Biological wastewater treatment system, is a wastewater treatment process that uses naturally occurring microbes to break down solids in wastewater to more simple substances. The goal of a Biological wastewater treatment system is to reduce BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). In nature these ‘naturally occurring’ microbes would break down sewage and wastewater products that animals and humans generate. However the concentration of wastewater generated by people and companies require that this process be accelerated using technology to meet the higher throughput.


Wastewater Hauling and Sludge Handling, catering to food processing plants throughout Ga and neighboring states, Valdosta, Macon, Rome, Carrolton, Augusta, Anderson, Greenvillem Athens, Ashville and all areas in between

Sludge Dewatering

Sludge Dewatering and Solids Handling

By reducing the water weight of your sludge you can save money on solids Handling and shipping cost.

Sludge comes in two basic varieties:
  • Primary sludge: which is solids that have been contained in raw wastewater.
  • Secondary sludge which is biomass that has been produced during biological wastewater treatment.

Hulsey Plumbing offers Backflow Prevention and backflow certification to business througout N Ga including locations in Gainesville, Athens, Winder, Lawrenceville, Blairsville, Gwinnett, Lumpkin, Hall, Alpharetta, Roswell,

Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention

We do Backflow testing and certification

A backflow prevention assembly( or backflow Preventer)  is used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution.

In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower etc. When pressure fails or is reduced as may happen if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system, the pressure in the pipe may be reduced and may allow contaminated water from the ground, from storage or from other sources to be drawn into the system.

Backflow Valve

Back pressure is another way that an undesirable contaminant may enter your potable water piping. This can be stopped with the use of a backflow valve. Sources of back pressure may be pumps in the water distribution system, boilers or heat exchanging equipment and even power washing equipment. In these cases you may have an almost constant risk of overcoming the static water pressure in the piping and when chemicals are used, as they are for commercial/industrial descaling (boilers) or residential as in deck/siding cleaning such as bleaches (power washing), you would benefit greatly from having a backflow preventer.

Can you risk loss of your business license because you neglected having your backflow meter tested and certified? Can you risk loss of business because a backflow problem stopped operations?

In the long run, Hulsey Environmental Services will save time, trouble and money as well as deliver piece of mind with a complete, approved backflow prevention plan:


  • Meter Installation
  • Repair
  • Professional Backflow Certification



Hulsey Plumbing serves North Georgia Plumbing needs with 24x7 emergency support

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Drain Field Repairs

Tank & Drain Field Repairs


Do you know where the lines for septic tank’s drain field are located?

  • That knowledge will help you prevent damage to the field and, subsequently, to the groundwater.
  • Observing certain conditions occurring along the drain field will alert you to potential problems within your septic tank.


Why should you not build, pave, or landscape on or near the drain field?

  • Drain fields require plenty of oxygen, which is used by bacteria to break down and treat sewage.
  • Soil compaction further prevents oxygen from entering the soil and keeps water from flowing from the drain field.


At Hulsey Environmental Services, we encourage you to take prompt action if you notice any of the following circumstances in proximity to your drain field:

  • Standing liquid, wet spots, or swampy ground in the yard during dry weather.
  • Lush vegetation that is larger and more robust than similar plants in other areas of the yard.
  • Effluent draining back into the septic tank from the drain field after the septic tank is pumped.


If you are experiencing any problematic signs or have specific questions,
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Hulsey Septic and Plumbing Does more than just Pumping, we also install and repair sewer lines throughout N Ga, Lumkin, Hall,Gwinnett, Duluth, Norcross, Stone Mountain, Winder, Roswell, Athens, Alpharetta and of course Gainesville and surrounding areas

Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Repair – Replacement

A clogged sewer line can cause your toilet to flush slowly and fill to the rim with water after flushing. If this happens, and plunging does not help, call Hulsey Environmental for sewer line replacement in the Georgia area. A clogged sewer line can be repaired by a professional plumber with the knowledge and experience can unclog, repair or replace a sewer line. However, the older the sewer line becomes, the greater the chance for clogging or leaking and the more likely sewer line replacement will be necessary.



Homeowners often waste money by repeatedly cleaning the line instead of replacing a clogged or damaged sewer line. If your toilets back up repeatedly and you suspect a sewer line problem, call the experts at Hulsey Environmental. Hulsey’s trained professionals will diagnose the problem and determine if the system is simply clogged and can be quickly cleared, or if sewer line replacement is necessary.